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Educake & Revision

All pupils in Y9-11 have been given an Educake username and password. This is an excellent resource to support revision at home as they can set their own tests based on WJEC GCSE topics.

Pupils will get Instant feedback!

Please ask your child to show you how it works, it will amaze you!

Staff may also set your child homework through Educake as it's one of the best ways to reinforce their learning. Please encourage your child to see the value of the homework. 

Educake Revision Planner

Please click below for the GCSE 2020 Revision planner booklet. Even if you are in Y9 & want to use the booklet for your revision, go ahead! Just ignore the Y10 and Y11 exam dates listed. 

 Printable Educake Revision Planner - click here