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More Able and Talented 

At Ysgol Gyfun Tredegar Comprehensive School we are committed to ensuring our pupils meet their full potential. We aim to ensure that pupils who have been identified as More Able and Talented in subjects or any other area are provided with an enriched and broad curriculum to foster this potential. We also appreciate that some pupils will be exceptionally able and talented and as a result we have a policy and a range of activities to meet the needs of all pupils identified as More Able and Talented.

Our aim is to:

  • Offer enriched, extended and accelerated learning opportunities in and out of the classroom environment
  • Offer support and training to teachers of MAT pupils
  • Support the pupil intellectually and emotionally through our pastoral programme
  • Identify underachievement and offer support to these pupils
  • Form a close working partnership with parents
  • Encourage pupils to develop their talents by attending outside organisations


Ysgol Gyfun Tredegar Comprehensive School will use the following criteria to identify MAT pupils:

  • Information from primary schools (test data/ talent data)
  • Test data (WG Reading and Numeracy tests, CATs, GCSEs, End of Key stage data, FFTs)
  • School based target grades
  • Recommendation from outside organisations (signed letters)
  • Parental request linked to school based set criteria
  • Subject teachers will use their Subject Specific MAT Checklist

The MAT Register

  • A register of MAT pupils will be published annually and updated. This is available to all staff on the school intranet in the Staff Area in the MAT Provision folder. There is also supporting documentation available in this folder for all staff.
  • Once identified, parents of our ‘Most or Exceptionally Able’ pupils will be informed via letter.
  • Those pupils identified as ’Most Able’ or ‘ exceptionally able’ will be given an Individual Action Plan which will be monitored via our tracking process. Meetings will be held with parents to monitor progress.

Well being

The well being of all pupils including our MAT pupils is of utmost importance here at Ysgol Gyfun Tredegar Comprehensive School. We recognise that our MAT pupils may need pastoral support from time to time. This will be provided in a discrete manner as and when required. Pupils identified as ‘exceptionally able’ will be mentored on a once termly basis and IAP targets will be discussed. Pupils who are identified as underachieving through our tracking system will also be mentored.

 Curriculum Areas

All staff know which pupils have been identified  as MAT and the individual learning styles of pupils in their Curriculum Area and those who are More Able in a range of subjects. Curriculum areas may include the following:

  • Teachers implementing Bloom’s Taxonomy, AFL and Thinking skills in their classrooms alongside other teaching strategies.
  • Grouping by ability
  • Early entry for GCSE
  • Masterclasses
  • Extra Curricular clubs
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Links with outside organisations
  • Admission onto the pre-Seren programme in year 11

Extra Curricular activities

Currently, Key stage 4 MAT pupils have the opportunity to be part of the Brilliant Club and Pre-Seren organisation. These opportunities lay alongside the vast range of other extra curricular opportunities available at the school in many subjects.


We have a culture of celebration at Ysgol Gyfun Tredegar Comprehensive School and celebrating the achievements of our pupils is very important to us. Pride points are awarded regularly and pupil achievements are displayed on noticeboards, via our plasma screen and rewards and/ or certificates presented in assemblies. Alongside this, teachers nominate pupils for Commendations in subject areas and we have also introduced a Pupil Leadership Diploma Award for all of our pupils.  This culture of celebration culminates in our annual prize giving ceremony.