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Pupil Leadership Diploma

The Diploma was announced to Year 7 Last week and will be rolled out to all other year groups this week.

At Ysgol Gyfun Tredegar Comprehensive School we believe that student leadership is one of the central strands of student achievement and we therefore aim to provide many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring and challenging activities.

To recognise such achievements, we are introducing the ‘Leadership Diploma’ a new reward scheme available to all students. The Leadership Diploma is a dynamic, relevant and powerful educational model that equips and nurtures the unique individuality, talent and self-assurance of each student. Designed to inspire our students to be actively involved in the life of the school, the diploma prepares young people to take on the world with the necessary global skills and self-confidence.

There are 6 key leadership areas. Listed below is not an exhaustive list but it should give you a flavour of the types of leadership activities that are on offer: 

  1. Sports Leaders e.g. Sports Captains, Youth Sports Ambassadors/County and National Level Achievements, assisting with primary school competitions, take responsibility for refereeing a sports match.
  2. Organisation Leaders e.g. assist in the organisation of whole school events e.g. Open Day Guides/Parents Evening helpers, Anti-bullying leaders, assist in the up-keep of school grounds, form time leaders.
  3. Community Leaders e.g. Charity or support work either in school or outside of school, raise awareness to key events both locally and nationally, support community events and issues, ECO members, write articles for school ‘Newsletter’ on environmental issues to raise awareness etc.
  4. Subject Leaders e.g. involvement in whole school options evenings and open days, organising engaging learning environments e.g. designing subject displays, helping to run after school clubs, dance and drama productions/school concerts, sound and light team leaders, primary school MAT workshop.
  5. Learning Leaders e.g. ’Clwb Cymraeg’, maths champions, digital leaders, foreign language leaders, leading in class presentations or group work/taking lead in class debate/discussions, students as classroom assistants, literacy leaders write articles for the school 'Newsletter'.
  6. Leadership Leaders e.g. School Council representatives, take responsibility for the role of peer mentor, Prefects, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Head boy and Head Girl. (NB. Prefects, Head Boy and Head Girl must have gained the gold diploma by the end of year 10 to qualify for these roles)


Students must collect five pieces of evidence within two areas for Bronze, twenty tasks in four areas for Silver and forty tasks in at least 5 areas for Gold. Successful students will be issued with a certificate and a lapel badge when they complete each stage of the diploma. 

All student leadership opportunities are advertised around the School and students are able to apply or volunteer for positions of responsibility at specific stages in the academic year. I welcome your support in encouraging students to become involved in leadership activities which will not only impact positively on teaching, learning and well-being for both students and staff but also help prepare students for life beyond school.