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Tredegar Comprehensive

We Are Family Competition

We would love for you to get creative during your lockdown! Send us a photograph or video of your creativity by email and fill in the form on our Contact page to tell us more about you. We will then pick the best ones to upload to our YouTube channel. You may also be able to see some of your creations on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. There are lots of family prizes to be won!

This exciting competition is open under the following 5 groups:

  • Foundation Phase (7 & Under)
  • Key Stage 2 (8 - 11 Years Old)
  • Key Stage 3 (12 - 14 Years Old)
  • Key Stage 4 & 5 (15 - 18 Years Old)
  • Family (led by any enthusiastic parents)

Entries can be submitted in English or Welsh.

Closing date is the 12th June 2020 or the first 100 entries received per category (whichever comes first)


The theme is simply 'We Are Family'. Ideas may include:

  • What does family mean to you
  • Who is in your family
  • A family memory
  • What does your family look like

The ideas and concepts are endless... as long as it relates to you and your family.

Please give your creation a title. Then please fill in the form by clicking the link below 




This could be a song you have written (or you and your family perform to) or a dance routine that reminds you of your family or is about your family. It could be a comedy routine, a drama piece or playing a musical instrument.


This could be a picture you have drawn, a Lego model, modelling clay/Play-Doh or any craft relating to your family.


Photography, writing a poem, video/technology you have created about you and your family.


If there is anything that we haven't covered in the above categories that you would like to showcase, please do so here. This might include sporting or circus skills.

The Rules Bit:-

  • The judges decisions are final.
  • Entrants need to give their creations a title. Then please ensure that you fill in the form on the Contact page to tell us more about yourself and email us a copy of your work to we.are.family.wales@gmail.com. You can also send us one email with all your details on, just be sure to include everything we ask for on our online form.
  • If you are getting lots of help from an older sibling/cousin, please only enter in the oldest age group of your family circle. This makes it fair to all competitors.
  • Winners will be notified by their chosen contact method at the end of June 2020.
  • Prizes vary but are all for yourselves and your family to enjoy once Lockdown is over. Prizes will be awarded to each age group and will include a Family ticket to a cinema near you!
  • Permission must be given from any parent/carer if under the age of 18.