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Tredegar Comprehensive

Tredegar Comprehensive

Y7 Lepra Fundraising

Feb 2020

Dear Mrs Cavendar-Morris and all of Year 7,


I am writing to thank you for your time and dedication fundraising for Lepra this year. Collectively, you have raised the fantastic total of:



We hope you are all very proud of this achievement!


As you recently learnt, leprosy is the oldest known disease and is easily treatable if caught in time, which can now be the case for so many more people in vulnerable and hard to reach communities, helping us to reach our wider aim of beating leprosy and making it a disease of little consequence.

Currently every day, over 50 children start treatment for leprosy and last year, we reached 252,000 people directly through diagnosis, treatment and care and with your help we can now reach even more.

Your support in spreading awareness and all of the time spent fundraising by helping with chores, sports challenges and selling cakes mean we are one step further to this goal, so thank you for playing such a significant role in this. The donations received are a real gift for the children and adults who have leprosy but who will soon be able to receive the help and support they need thanks to your generosity.

With help like yours we are able to provide the cure and the care to at least another 33 people suffering from leprosy.

Again, a huge thank you from everyone at Lepra to the students, families and teachers that supported our work together this year and have contributed to such a fantastic impact; we can do so much more with your help and we look forward to working with Tredegar School again in the new academic year.

Yours sincerely,


Beth Deverson

Corporate and Community Fundraiser