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Tredegar Comprehensive

Tredegar Comprehensive

YGTCS Scholars 2020

12 of our Year 9 pupils have successfully completed the Brilliant Club this term! 

The pupils who were enrolled on the Brilliant Club program had their results back this week and all achieved either a 1st or 2:1 grade which is excellent!

Congratulations to,

Gracie Evans, 

Asyia Ilahi

Lana Rashid

Ebony Blackwell

Chloe Moon

Tony Hoang

Dylan Edwards

Maddie Prosser

Holly Sullivan

Bethan Sullivan

Joshua Davies

Holly Winstone


The probing question for their assignment was:

'There is an increasing pressure to design the next piece of technology that will detect who is most at risk of Alzheimer's Disease years before any symptoms start. How important do you think apps will be in the future of disease risk prediction and personalised medicine in Alzheimer's Disease?'

The assignment they were set was designed to be challenging, and they had to work at a whole Key Stage above their normal level!

All 12 pupils achieved top grades and this is the equivalent to them 'performing at an excellent standard at A Level'. YGTCS is very proud of the achievement of these 12 young learners and particularly so given the challenging circumstances in which they completed their essays. 

Their Graduation Ceremony was due to take place on May 1st at Oxford University, but due to COVID-19, this could not take place. The ceremony will be rearranged and we hope that this will happen in the Autumn Term.