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Digital Safeguarding

Prevent & Consider Wider Safeguarding during the COVID-19 Crisis

The Local Authority and its schools are committed to promoting the safe and positive use of the online world to school pupils, and their families. The use of technology has risen substantially throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, so making sure our children and young people are staying safe online has never been more important.  We’re encouraging parents to please be vigilant about what their children are watching and playing online, and to make sure that they are only accessing age appropriate content, including posts on social media platforms.


Hwb Cymru, the digital platform for teaching and learning in Wales, has some really good information and advice which parents and carers are also able to access. There is advice on a wide range of subjects including data protection; extremism & radicalisation; misinformation and inappropriate content as well as some useful guides to all the latest online games and trends popular with children and young people.


You can find out more information about all this here:



Children should;

  • Know who they are talking to
  • Check if they can access material, play games
  • Protect their online reputation
  • Only open messages from sources they trust
  • Do not give out personal information
  • Do not share images, video of inappropriate material
  • Speak to someone if they feel uncomfortable
  • Understand not everything online is true
  • Block and report people who are trolling
  • Do not give into pressure
  • Think before they post
  • Keep safe online

Parents should;

  • Monitor who their child is communicating with online
  • Monitor the content and material accessed or downloaded
  • Check content is appropriate
  • Set boundaries and parental controls
  • Discuss their online activity
  • Manage / check privacy settings
  • Know where to find help


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