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Unlocking Potential - Revsion Strategies

We have put together a pack of ideas, revision strategies, exam planners and information that families can use at home to enhance learning and ensure meaningful revision and preparation is completed for exams (click the green link below). The pack of ideas contains information for Parents and Carers to use to help support their child when revising. It includes information on ‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’, ‘Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends!’ and ‘Every subject matters because every grade counts.’



Click here for the Unlocking Potential Pupil Booklet


It is important that every child learns how to revise effectively. This means that spending hours reading through notes (which never really sink in) should be avoided. By varying their approach to revision, every child will be able to maintain their levels of motivation much more easily. In the pack, we have provided details on a variety of revision tasks. Each of the tasks comes with an instruction sheet and a worksheet. In essence, the tasks act as a guide which will allow every child to vary their approach to revision.


The tasks are designed to help every child learn as they revise.